Colourful Archimedes screw

A colourful Archimedes hydropower screw has been shipped to a Scottish manor. This Landy screw with a length of 19 ft and diameter of 10 ft will generate sustainable energy by means of hydropower.Special feature of this unit is the compact design with self-supporting steel trough.

Renovation Penllergare Valley

A 40ft long hydropower screw turbine is placed next to the waterfall at Penllergare Valley Woods, just north of Swansea, Wales. The fish friendly screw with a capacity of 30kW will generate power for the new visitor centre and also will feed to the National Grid.



Wastewater aeration technology

Landustrie has a long experience in the field of wastewater aeration. A wide range of aeration equipment such as Landy surface aerators, aeration rotors, Landox flow boosters and fine bubble aeration is available for several applications.

The availability of a full scale aeration test tank also contributes to our process know-how.

New grinder pump

The DSP type submersible cutting pump has been upgraded, improving the excellent qualities of the original version.
Pump capacity has been increased, while energy consumption has been reduced.

The new series is available for motor power up to 4 kW.