Landustrie: Projects

STP Jebel Ali, Dubai

The wastewater treatment plant in the southern part of Jebel Ali City, Dubai has been renovated and expanded. Now the STP is capable to handle 675,000 m3 of wastewater per day (previously 300,000). This scaling up was necessary to meet the city's future needs, including  the new airport and the World Expo 2020. Landustrie supplied 48 no. new LANDY-7 surface aerators with additional drive units and control equipment. Mounting of the units was done under the supervision of Landustrie mechanics. The plant is located in an open desert area where the temperature rises above 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, all drive units are protected with a sun shields. The LANDY high-efficiency aerators are tested in Landustrie's full-scale test tank in Sneek, in the presence of the customer. The project was commissioned by the Joint Venture Besix - Larsen & Toubro, respectively a Belgian and Indian organization.

Click to enlargeSTP Jebel Ali
Click to enlargeSTP Jebel Ali
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Click to enlargeSTP Jebel Ali
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WWTW Paper Mill

Click to enlargeIWE The Netherlands

Industriewater Eerbeek (IWE) in the Netherlands, is responsible for the purification of the effluent from three different paper mills (approx. 4 million m3 of waste water per year). In summer 2018 IWE experienced a world first with a new decalcification process for reducing the calcium content of the effluent water. Now effluent can be reused as process water in the papier mills again. For both the pilot and the final full-scale decalcification plant, Landustrie supplied the LANDY surface aerators. The official opening of the new installation took place by State Secretary Mrs Van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management). In addition to these surface aerators, Landustrie earlier supplied a new LANDY screw pump for the influent pumping station and refurbished the clarifiers of the existing primary settling tanks.

STP Stockholm

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The order for renovating three Archimedes screw pumps is not remarkable, but the location of Danviken Pump Station however is unique: in a cave in the middle of the city of Stockholm, near the Royal Palace and City Hall.

Landustrie installed three LANDY Archimedes screw pumps with a diameter of 2.60 meter.
Screw length 9.9 m - capacity 9720 m3/h - power 160 kW.
The screw pumps are supplied with eco-friendy lower bearings.

The sewage treatment plant in Stockholm is close to the ferries. The black water (human faeces) from the ferry, is pumped in to the STP via the screw pumps. As this water is very aggressive, the screw troughs are finished with duplex stainless steel and the screw coating is even more stringent.

Slowhill Copse WWTW

Slowhill Copse Marchwood WTW (Southampton, Hampshire) was originally constructed in the 1960's. The latest upgrade includes an improvement of the existing treatment process to meet the newest requirements. Landustrie supplied sixteen (4 per aeration lane) low speed surface aerators, type Landy-7 complete with drive units, bottom baffles and foundation plates. 

Bogota, Colombia

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Landustrie supplied a total of nine (9) screen cleaning machines - type R71 - for several Sewage Pumping Stations of the Bogota Water Authority in Colombia. The Pumping Stations are located at Fontibon, Gibraltar, La Isla, Salitre, San Benito and Villa Gladis. All screen cleaners have been supplied with additional drive track, columns, control cabinet, electrical and level control equipment.

WWTP Sint Maarten

Click to enlargeSint Maarten

Sewage Treatment Plant "Illidge Road" located at Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, is being renewed.
The exisiting plant is expanded in order to accommodate the growing number of households. The old plant was built in 1992 with a capacity for 3,500 resident equivalents.
After the expansion, the plant will have a capacity of 30,000 resident equivalents, meaning that it will be able to serve 30,000 households.

Landustrie supplied the complete mechanical works, including o.a. inlet works with screen cleaning equipment, several mixers and pumps, surface aerators, flow boosters, Archimedes screw pumps, piping, sludge clarifier and thickener, etc.